Man in lab coat measuring air in a cabinet

When good enough is not good enough

In operating rooms, labs and in industrial environments, protective ventilation is not only a must, but also a potential lifesaver. Thanks to our specialised testing equipment, you will soon know if your workspace ticks all the safety boxes.

Technical and microbiological testing ensures protective ventilation for people, products and processes.

What we do:

  • Cleanroom validation.
  • Validation of bio-safety cabinets and UDF units (LAF).
  • Ensure you meet ISO and GMP standards.
  • Microbiological sampling.
  • Testing in clinical environments.
Microbiological measurement

Are you planning a remodel or a new build? Slow down.

We know a lot about ventilation – how to avoid the pitfalls and save time and money. So talk to us before you start, and we’ll sort out the relevant specs together.

  • Getting it right from the start pays off in the end.
  • The know-how to support you.
  • We’ll help you put together a URS (User Requirement Specification)
Service and Calibration

Time to calibrate?
Don't come to us.

We perform service and calibration on the following instruments:

  • Aerosol photometers
  • Aerosol generators
  • Air samplers

Calibration to go

Calibration at your place? Schedule an appointment and we’ll be there. Or, if you prefer, you’re more than welcome to come to us.

Agar plates with bacterial growth are analyzed by laboratory staff using the Scan 4000 analysis instrument

Is your air contaminated?

Why invest in a microbiological lab when others can do it? The simple answer: quality control. There are countless ways things can go wrong when it comes to this type of sampling – from transport glitches and faulty packaging to imprecise readings.

With our own lab, we control the process – and remain accountable – every step of the way. Our lab fulfils the cleanroom requirements for class D, as stipulated by EU-GMP, Annex 1. And our safety cabinet meets class A cleanroom standards.