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Sundström case

Sundström Safety

”Myair are solution oriented”

Sundström Safety is a world-class, Sweden-based manufacturer of respiratory protective equipment. Over the years, Myair has supplied Sundström with photometers, which the company uses in its rigorous quality control program. Pernilla Svensson, quality technician at Svensson, says: ”We use photometers to test our particle filters during production to ensure they meet our tough quality standards.”

Contaminated sensors

Myair always strives to provide support and helpful advice to customers whenever they need it. Per-Erik Karlsson, HVAC technician at Myair, explains: “The sensors on the instruments were getting contaminated too quickly, so I advised Sundström on how they could re-build their test stations to optimise protection of their photometers.” Pernilla Svensson agrees. “We work our instruments very hard, and Myair have helped us minimise contamination.”

”Solution oriented”

Myair help Sundström with both service and calibration of photometers. “During the pandemic, we were incredibly busy,” Pernilla Svensson recalls. ”Our photometers needed regular service and repair to avoid lengthy downtime. If they happened to be in the vicinity, Myair stopped by to pick up instruments and then returned them as quickly as possible. They’re very solution oriented.”

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Myair case

Läkemedelsproduktion Halland

”Getting it right from the start”

When the time came to build a new facility for the production of pharmaceuticals, Läkemedelproduktion Halland wanted to get it right – from URS (User Requirement Specification) to the grand opening. That’s why they turned to Myair.

A sounding board

Lars Jansson, HVAC technician at Myair, recalls, ”I met Lisa Valfridsson, head of production, at a seminar in 2019. She told me about their plans. With the new facility, they would produce cytostatics and antibiotic syringes in the same premises. Furthermore, they were switching from safety cabinets to isolators. They wanted our assistance in designing the floor plans – which provided the basis for the User Requirement Specification.”

”No shortcuts”

Lars Jansson fortsätter: ”Because we were involved from the very beginning, it was easier to avoid shoddy construction which, sadly, is all too common in our line of work. Furthermore, we carried out all the validation steps: DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ. All in all, it was a very successful project,” Lars Jansson concludes.

Pharmaceutical production in Halland