Testing the quality of your air

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We test air quality in offices, hospitals and factories. Equipped with decades of experience and the world’s most sensitive instruments, we can find out exactly what’s in your air. In addition to testing, we offer a range of services, including consulting, microbiological analysis, service and calibration of instruments. Welcome to MyAir.


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No compromises

We measure air quality where the demands are toughest: operating theatres, sterile supply departments, production units and more.

Pharmaceutical environments

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Meeting extreme demands

We carry out validation testing on bio-safety cabinets and cleanrooms, ensuring air quality meets ISO and EUGMP standards.

Industrial environments

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Air quality impacts technology

We carry out validation testing on laminar flow hoods to ensure air quality fulfils ISO and GMO standards.

Myair is an authorised distributor for ATI (Air Techniques International), a world-leading manufacturer of testing equipment for filter control

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Are you planning a remodel or a new build? Slow down.

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Time to calibrate? Don't come to us.

Sundström case

Sundström Safety

– ”Myair are solution oriented”

Sundström Safety is a world-class, Sweden-based manufacturer of respiratory protective equipment. Over the years, Myair has supplied Sundström with photometers, which the company uses in its rigorous quality control program.

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